Vakratunda Mahakaya

A soft toy resembling the Hindu god Ganesha serves as a disguise for a bomb planted by an unknown terrorist organization. The plan goes haywire when a street kid, Altaf, accidentally picks it up and runs away with it. Altaf develops a liking for the elephant headed form of God, but soon he is whisked away by the cops along with his thief friend, Paplu.

The Ganesha soft toy is left behind alone on a park bench, though only for a short while. He sets off on an adventurous journey with people from different paths of life. They treat him like a God and ultimately use his spiritual charisma to fulfill their own desires while unknowingly their life is in danger with the ticking bomb inside. Ganesha, the omniscient observer continues his journey to salvation.

Directed by

Punarvasu Naik

Written by

Yogesh Vinayak Joshi

Produced by

Bohra Bros, Anurag Kashyap, Guneet Monga, Anshuman Jain

Co producer  by

Gaurav Dhingra

Music by

Sanket Naik, Sankarshan Kini

Cinematography by

Mitesh Mirchandani

Edited by

Ashish Mhatre, Apurva Motiwale